The Motel

The motel is within metres of a 24 hour meal, grocery and fuel service

The Pinnaroo Motel is located at 10 - 12 Mallee Highway at Pinnaroo South Australia on the shortest transport corridor between Sydney and Adelaide.

Pinnaroo is centrally situated between large conservation parks , which are popular with bird watchers, hikers, four-wheel drivers and trail bike riders within the $46 billion Mallee - Riverlands Agri-province.

Offering 24-hour electronic reception and check in facilities. The Pinnaroo Motel  specialises in providing accommodation to the corporate, trade, self drive and the  outback leisure market. 

The Pinnaroo Motel offers 22 rooms at ground floor. 

Budget Rooms / Cabins

A cabin with no kitchenette or carpeting and a smaller en-suite

The Budget Rooms/Cabins are located at the rear of the motel. Each of the 8 rooms has  own bathroom, reverse cycle air-conditioning, refrigerator, kettle, Flat Screen TV and linen.  All within meters of a 24 hour meal, grocery and fuel service.

Common site facilities included  are  WiFi- Broadband, a commercial laundromat, beverage sales, including alcohol.

To book we require an estimated time of arrival, mobile phone number & current credit card details.  A full room charge is taken at the time of booking including a $35 non-refundable deposit.